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Our Pediatric Dentist Lists The Negative Side Effects That Soda Has on Your Children’s Teeth

The importance of caring for a child’s teeth is impossible to underestimate. Our Concord pediatric dentist wants every family to be aware of the problems that can be caused by a child consuming the wrong types of food and drinks. The drinks a child consumes are just as important as eating a healthy diet and brushing regularly.

Soda Consumption is Going up

The consumption of soda is a problem that is getting worse for young people and adults. The statistics our local childrens dentist reports are being uncovered by researchers include the doubling of the amount of soda consumed each year by children and adults from 22 gallons per year in 1970 to 56 gallons in 1999. The trend for higher levels of soda consumption continues to grow and cause issues for the long-term oral health of every member of a family.

The Effects of Soda Consumption

When a family looks for a kids dentist near me, they will receive a lot of information about the problems caused by excessive soda consumption. Soda is readily available in school vending machines, which has added to the number of children affected by tooth decay and gum disease. Our local childrens dentist understands the consumption of soda in quantities of more than once two cans each day allows bacteria to breed excessively. The sugars and carbohydrates contained within soda feed bacteria at high levels leading to the enamel protecting a child’s teeth being damaged. Eventually, this leads to cavities and gum disease.

How to Handle Soda Consumption

Our Concord pediatric dentist has experience handling the effects of excessive soda consumption and explains brushing is not always the answer. The high-sugar content of soda can react with the nylon bristles of a toothbrush and damage the enamel when brushing.

If you are concerned about the amount of soda your child is consuming, call our kids dentist near me for an appointment today.


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