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Signs That You Should Consider Treating Your Child’s Tongue Tie

Tongue tie is a problem that is diagnosed at birth. It is a condition that restricts the tongue’s range of motion. The child has an unusually tight or thick band of tissue at the bottom of the mouth and the tongue. In many cases, tongue tie does not cause any problems.

However, local kids dentist may have to correct this problem. There are several signs that indicate tongue tie will need to be treated.

Your Child Is Having Trouble Breastfeeding

You should take your child to a pediatric dental office if your child is having problems breastfeeding. If your child is not getting enough milk, then they can easily become malnourished. Your child may chew on the nipple instead of sucking it.

Speech Problems

Your child needs to see one of the Concord children dentists if they are having speech problems. A tongue tie can make it a lot harder for your child to pronounce certain words. They may struggle with the t, z, d, th and r sounds.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Tongue tie can make it a lot harder for your child to brush and floss their teeth. This can cause gum disease and tooth decay. Your child needs to see a local kids dentist in order to protect their teeth and gums.

Oral Activities Are Challenging

It can be harder for your child to lick an ice cream come or play a wind instrument if they have a tongue tie. It is time for them to get treatment if that occurs.

If you need a dentist, then you can call our pediatric dental office and make an appointment.



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