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Healthy Eating Habits for Children Shared by Our Concord Pediatric Dentist

Is it ever too early to start an oral hygiene regiment for your kids? More specifically, when can you teach your kids the eating habits that will keep their teeth strong and healthy? Most experts say, “It’s never too early.” However, when children are very small, the idea of doing this can feel intimidating. Fortunately, there are some simple dental hygiene tips from your Concord pediatric dentists you can follow that encourage good eating habits and by extension, healthier teeth.

Start Before Solid Foods

An article on WebMD suggests that parents control or eliminate practices like allowing them to fall asleep with a bottle. Further suggestions include limiting the amount of juice that kids have and controlling the use of a sippy cup. These practices tend to decay the teeth by allowing bacteria to grow on them. By doing this, parents demonstrate early on in a child’s life the value of being mindful of what goes into the mouth.

Tooth-Strengthening Foods

No doubt the local children’s dentist would recommend that parents give children foods like cheese, milk, and other calcium-enriched foods. These provide the building blocks for healthy teeth.

And as an added bonus, an article on WebMD suggests that cheeses may play an additional role in tooth health. The consumption of these foods produces saliva that gets rid of particles that cling to the teeth. The addition of these foods into the diet count as some of the most useful of the dental hygiene tips.

When to Eat Sweet Treats

One tip that would surely pass muster with Concord pediatric dentists is the practice of limiting the consumption of sugary foods. It’s okay to eat them, but it is recommended that these types of foods are saved for dessert. The mouth already has saliva in it from processing the meal, making it easier for the child’s mouth to wash away food particles and bacteria.


Knowing what the local children’s dentist recommends in terms of tooth health and nutrition is important. Although regular brushing an flossing play a role in keeping a child’s teeth healthy, the foods that a kid eats also helps keep teeth strong. A child’s diet should include foods that make teeth strong. Additionally, some foods like sugary snacks and candy should be limited to after meals to ensure that the teeth have the best chance of remaining healthy.


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