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When Should I Bring My Child For Their First Dental Appointment?

Every baby starts life with their baby teeth inside their gums waiting to erupt, explains our Concord dentist for kids. The tooth buds within the gums should be cared for by a parent who wipes down the gums when a baby eats to keep their gums clean. A local pediatric dental office will want to see a baby to check their teeth are healthy as growth begins.

When Should the First Dental Visit Happen?

There are two rules our Concord pediatric dentists have for an infant’s first dental visit. The first is that the first dental visit should be scheduled as soon as the first tooth erupts through the surface of the gums. Secondly, a first dental appointment should not occur after the child reaches 12 months, regardless of whether their first tooth has erupted. Babies can see their first tooth erupt through the gums anywhere between four months and 14 months of age.

Why is the First Visit so Soon?

Parents often question their Concord dentist for kids about the need to bring their baby for an appointment before their first birthday. Heading into the local pediatric dental office for a scheduled checkup is a good option because the biggest disease affecting children in the U.S. is gum disease. As soon as the first baby tooth erupts through the gums, the baby is at risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Allowing our Concord pediatric dentists to care for the teeth of a baby helps avoid problems in the future.

Getting Used to the Dental Office

The earlier a child makes their way to a local pediatric dental office, the more used to oral care they will be. A child who attends regular checkups from the time their first tooth arrives will be comfortable with dental care throughout their life.

When your infant is ready for their first dental checkup call our office today to schedule an appointment.