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Children Flossing Tips From Our Local Pediatric Dentist

Flossing the teeth of children are one the Concord dentist for kids wants all families to understand. Most parents understand they need to wipe the gums of infants clean before teeth arrive and brush after the first tooth erupts. The responsibility for flossing falls o the shoulders of parents when the two front teeth arrive and touch.

Explain why Flossing is Important

Childhood is more stressful than ever, with the time spent on schoolwork and activities pushing the attention span of kids. Concord pediatric dentists believe children can take some responsibility for their own oral health by the age of six or seven. Parents can explain the benefits of flossing by using peanut butter removed by floss to highlight its use.

Rewards do Work

The aim of parents and a local pediatric dental office is to inspire lifelong good oral hygiene habits. These good habits include flossing as just as important as brushing their teeth. To help children to floss their teeth correctly, offering rewards for flossing correctly for several days can inspire good habits.

Use a Song as a Timer

Every Concord dentist for kids will explain the desire to rush through a dental routine is high in children. A favorite song can be used to inspire children to take their time while flossing. A parent can sing a song with their child that becomes a favorite while flossing to make sure they take their time and remove all food particles and plaque from the teeth.

If you are concerned about teaching your children the best ways of flossing, our COncord pediatric dentists are here to lend a hand. Call the office to schedule an appointment today.